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Martin Horsky
Baslerstraße 12
D-79100 Freiburg


Art by Martin Horsky
Multimedia-Agentur Opeker

Photography for

liquid laughter lounge quartett
She goes bang
Equinoxe Internet Galerie
Zenith Umzüge
Akademie der medizinischen Berufe Freiburg - School for Physiotherapy
About photography

A good photo is a window to the world.
A good photo is a statement about the world.
And still, it's a moment of eternity.

born 31.08.1966 in Vienna
1985 Abitur (german school-leaving examination)
Study of psychology in Freiburg
1986 First reflex camera
1989 Foundation of "Haintz dreht durch"- exper. Strange-Core music
voice & noise: M. Horsky
1990 Foundation of "Apokalypse-News for the dying world" - DarkWaveFanzine First photographic productions
1992 Work as a phtographer for archaeological excavations
1994 Apprenticeship as a phototechnical assistant, trade school Freiburg
1996 Photoschool examination - since then free-lance photographer
1998 Programming the slide-show "UV Poetry"( >
2001 Starting to work more subject-centered, putting a greater focus on a conceptual style of working
work on the projects "Life can be so simple" ( > und "Fuckin`HH"
Documentary "die Hamburger Tafel e.V."- food-supply for poor people
2002 Documentary "Life in secret places"- Life in a day nursery for seriously handicapped persons
2003 work on the projects "Hausbesuche - Wir sind alle"
2004 work on the projects "Toiletnation" und "das 3.Gesicht"